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A Complete Guide to Red Roses International's Garment Manufacturing Supply Chain and their abilities

Our Story

Red Roses International, got its start as Red Roses Kids Wear in 1970's, when Mrs. Sushil Lamba, a mother of 4, set out to sell children's garments she made herself. The company stared out of her residence itself. Soon, the company grew an image for comfort and its premium quality garments.

In 2004, Red Roses International was formed, to start exporting garments worldwide. Since then we have worked with leading brands worldwide, never forgetting what brought us here, our quality. Red Roses International has worked on the principle of quality over everything else and continually strives to give the best quality to our clients.

Red Roses International today is a leading garment manufacturer and exporter in India, Exporting to over 10 countries with notable clients such as Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, and UAIS.

Who are the Partners in Red Roses International's Supply Chain?

Red Roses International partners with various mills and fabric wholesalers in India, to be able to supply a wide range of products to our clients. Red Roses International in the year 2021 alone, did business with over 5 mills and over 40 fabric wholesalers in India.

Our fabric supply chain enables us to offer you best rates and lets you us be one stop shop for all your requirements. Just let us know what fabric is your requirement and we will work with our partners to get you the lowest MOQ possible. So you can focus on expanding your range with the least capital investment possible.

Apart from having an in-house digital printing machine printing on a extended color gamut, we have also partnered with over 5 printing units that ensures we can amazing looking prints in any color. Digital machines have different color schemes and often excel in different color tones. Partnering up with firms with various technologies enables us to offer you the best print in any color tone.

We also work with forwarders bases in India to help companies arrange forwarders for their sea shipments. Indian ports have endured the pandemic and are still performing better in terms of container availability compared to their Chinese counterparts.

What are the Top Brands that Use Red Roses' Services for their Garment Manufacturing Needs?

Red Roses International has worked with many brands, selling our own branded items or as a private label manufacturer. Here are our top brands and the items we manufacture for them


Items manufactured


Aprons, Duvet Covers and sets, Pot holders, oven mitts, throws and Dresses

Crate & Barrel

Oven mitts and potholders

Bella il Fiore

Night suits, Spa Wraps, headbands and other spa accessories


All Women's Apparel, Children's Dresses, Aprons, Curtains, Duvet Covers and sets

Fun Fact : Over the course of 3 years we made 1 Million pcs of a single style of apron for Anthropolgie.

What is the Cost Structure of Red Roses International's Manufacturing Solutions?

Red Roses International is focused on providing the best quality service to our clients. We offer all clients no-obligation sampling and quotes on their items. We also our standing clients with free-of-cost sampling for all their needs till we can iron out all your requirements.

We also have three different units working at different scales to offer you the best prices for the quantities you're looking for.

However, since each product uses various amounts of fabric, labor and packaging, to get the most accurate estimation for product please get in touch with us with your tech pack!

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