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Red Roses International is a manufacturer of home and kitchen linen in India. Though these items may see simpler than apparel to make and you might want to go with your regular apparel supplier for these items as well. The thing to keep in mind is that table and kitchen linen is often seen lying flat, hence any imperfection is easier to catch. To further this, any shrinkage must be accounted before cutting for as the edges have a tendency to curl up in certain designs and this could cause the piece to not lay flat. It is therefore best to go with a team that is experienced in making the best quality of home and kitchen linen. 

Kitchen linen must also follow certain heat transfer tests to be deemed safe for the end user. As a top supplier of Kitchen linen such as Oven mitts and potholders in India, Red Roses International ensures that your items meet the technical standards required. This often requires having extra cotton in the pieces which most factories struggle with and hence avoid.

For table linen, the issue comes with pieces not falling flat onto the table. For napkins and placemats this removes the elegance that a buyer is looking for. In case of table cloths and table runners, there could be puckering on the edges, imperfections in the fabric, or waviness in the piece when placed flat. MOQs for table linen are often very low as they consume huge amounts of fabric per piece. Hence you could approach a bigger factory like Red Roses International for your table linen requirements and still receive the lower MOQs.

Duvets, Bed Covers and Curtains nowadays require unique prints and embroideries to stand out. The latest trend for the same is to use Digital printing to use more colors and keep the MOQ lower. With in house digital printing, Red Roses International has positioned itself as a leading exporter Duvet covers, Bed Sheets and Curtains in India.

Like you wouldn't ask a carpenter to do a plumber's job, you shouldn't ask a apparel unit to manufacture Home and Kitchen Linen. Use Red Roses International and their unit that specializes in only making Home and Kitchen linen products for clients that want the best quality at the most competitive rates. 

Our production of Home linen, Kitchen linen and Table Linen is headed by Gursharan Singh Lamba, he has been working with clients such as Anthropologie and Crate and barrel for the last two decades to bring the top quality products to their shelves. 

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