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Privacy Policy

We believe in you controlling your own data! Red Roses International does not sell or share your information with any marketing agency to display customized ads. 

Our website is made on Wix platform and hence all of your data, if any, is stored by Wix. We only use this data to analyze visitor behavior to see where the site is not performing as it is intended to or what steps prevent a user from getting in touch with us. All of this is done via Wix apps available to us. 

Any data you share with us willingly, through email, chat box or wix form is confidential and only limited to Red Roses International's activities in serving your requirements.

As a organization, we believe in strict confidentiality and control of our buyer's over their designs and styles. Red Roses International will not recreate your designs for any other organization. Even the designs displayed on our sites are displayed only after the season they were intended for is sold. 

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