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Apparel is an expression of self, as a result we see multiple upcoming brands that are focused on producing apparel and garments that they relate to. Red Roses international to cement it's position of a top apparel manufacturer and exporter in India has come up with innovative ways to lower MOQs for our newer buyers so that we can help them and grow with them in the future. We have integrated vertically and installed in-house digital machines to lower the fabric requirements per print. We have also partnered with multiple mils to provide us fabrics at the lowest MOQs, which translate to less dresses per SKU for our buyers.

2020 and 2021 saw a surge of brands selling loungewear, Red Roses International worked hard with our clients to get hundreds of SKUs dispatched every week in SS and FW 20 and 21. We continue t be one of the largest manufacturers of loungewear in India in 2022. Loungewear needs a factory that has standards set and expert tailors to avoid puckering in fabrics such as Satin. An improperly placed pocket could cause puckering in the garment and destroy the look of the piece. We would recommend going to a factory that works with quality conscious brands, like Red Roses International, to get the best quality for your products. Same also goes for Pj sets, and robes.

For dresses and other woman's wear, we have a separate unit in  Gurgaon that works closely with clients to finalize digital patterns and fit before commencing production on every style. Having separate units helps Red Roses International have extremely experienced staff in their factories that enables us to lower our prices and ensures we are a top exporter of garments and apparels in India. Just like our other units, this unit also has a focus on quality. We get our patterns made and set digitally to keep production as efficient as possible. Same unit makes kids' wear, shirts and active wear.

Red Roses International also is renowned as a supplier of Spa wear to multiple companies in the US. All in all, our spa collection is used in over 1000+ spas in America through various brands. Our continuous efforts to market and ensure top quality for spa wear such as spa wraps, headbands and more has made this one of our fastest growing segments. 

So, if you are looking for a top quality manufacturer of apparel and textiles; Red Roses International should be your partner. With hundreds of clients throughout the world. We ensure the best quality service and products for our clients.

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