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Edges curving up on Linen table cloths and napkins.

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

On our recent production of 180GSM Table cloths and Table napkins in 180GSM Linen we faced the issue of Napkins and Table cloth's edges curving up after being washed.

As per our SOP, Dyed fabric was checked by a lab for color fastness and shrinkage. These reports were approved by the buyer as they did not have any significant shrinkage (Acceptable shrinkage is <2% for this buyer) and Color fastness score of 4-5 against washing at 70 degrees Celsius, water and crocking. Attached below is one picture Red Roses International had shared with the buyer to get approval for production.

50x50xm Linen Table napkin Lemon color with white trim
Linen table napkin

Red Roses International, after getting approval from the buyer was in every right to begin production and deliver these pieces. But our strict SOPs demanded, finished pieces go strict in-house quality inspections. After the pre-production pieces were approved by the buyer, we performed water absorbency test and continuous washing to see how the pieces will behave once they were in hand of the consumer.

This SOP helped us find out that the TOP samples' edges were curving after being washed. See image below for reference

White Table napkin with black trim made of 100% Linen. The edges are curved after washing
100% Linen table napkin with curved edges

To tackle this we tried the following things and failed with these

1) Tried washing the main fabric to account for any shrinkage.

2) Put the binding on the edge without a folder to see if the folder was pulling on the binding too hard.

3) Washed the binding and the fabric to account for any shrinkage in either

After failing with these, we consulted our associated factories and got the same response. "With Linen this is expected."

Unsatisfied with the answer as the units did not meet the quality standards we had set for ourselves. We tried other things, which eventually in combination worked

1) For 6mm binding, we got the cut at 23.5mm and not 24mm, this made the binding go in easier into the folder and not pull it all the way.

2) Pre-washed the fabric and piping fabric

3) On the straight edges we pulled the piping from the back before feeding it to the sewing machine. On the curved edges, the tailors let go of the piping to put it on with ease.

Combined together, these 3 steps removed all kinds of curving the edges were facing.

If you are facing some similar problems with your production or your production partner, contact us at and we will help you solve your production nightmares!

Images of the final production :

In total 7 color combos were made for the buyer Side Serve via 10 total different colors.

Along with these, table cloth in 5 color combos were made in sizes 2.4mx4.0m.

These 100% Linen Table cloths and Table napkins were manufactured and exported by Red Roses International


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