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BYOB - Build your own brand

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Red Roses International is launching a partnership program with fashion creators to help them start and launch their own online clothing brands. This article below mentions the services we can offer our future partners and why we might be a better option than the current prevailing option of drop-shipping.

Read through the FAQs we receive regarding our program from potential candidates. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need any more information.

What is Red Roses International?

Red Roses International is a private label manufacturer that has been working with top brands all over the world such as Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel for the last two decades. Originally, we started as a mom and pop shop in the 1970s and expanded to supplying over 150 mom and pop stores online. So we have both experiance with retail as well as manufacturing. We are veterans in the field of fashion and can guide you thoroughly in your journey to making a brand that sets the fashion trend for the next decade.

Why Diversify from content creation and start a brand?

Having all eggs in one basket has never been the ideal strategy for anyone. Content creators are on risk of losing a significant source of their income if they go against the rules set forth by social media companies or if the social media companies change their policies regarding pay-structure towards content creators.

Why create a unique brand and not do drop-shipping?

Brands create value over time with your loyal customers coming back to you for your quality or unique style. With drop-shipping you have less control on the aesthetic of your brand and the quality you offer.

What all can Red Roses International help me with in setting up my brand?

We at Red Roses International do not charge anything to our expertise. We are interested in building partnerships in brands we help create. We can help you set up the following tasks:

  • Create a sperate legal entity registered with the local government to conduct the business

  • Design and create a brand identity through talks with what you want to sell

  • Create an agile online store.

  • Help curate designs and create proper techpacks for sampling

  • Find adept and reliable factories who are experienced with working with top brands from all over the world also willing to work with brands starting out.

  • Design and source packaging for items

  • Create a Visual merchandising for the items.

  • Create a dispatch system for shipping out orders to clients.

  • Create a adept team that can run the day to day of the business and help it grow.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the venture?

The fashion creator would have to come to the photoshoot to wear their products and get pictures clicked. You would also have to sit with the sales team to discuss the posts and story schedule that needs to be followed on your end to ensure smooth launches of all items. Overall, we expect you to dedicate about a couple of hours of your time throughout the week.

You can always choose to be more involved in day to day activities of your brand! In this case, the more responsibilities you take, you could expect to the hours you need to work go up proportionately.

How to get started?

We would highly suggest getting in touch with us via a video conference where we can understand your expectations from the brand. How much are you willing to give to the brand you create and what all is expected from us.

Please reach out


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