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Sourcing Organic Garments for my BOHO Store.

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

They're is a growing demand for organic garments and BOHO online retail stores are jumping on it. So how do you connect with Organic Garment Manufacturers?

Things to know about sourcing Organic Garments.

  1. Certifications : The most important thing to look for is that the manufacturer you're working with has the required certifications. As it is impossible to distinguish between regular fabrics and organic fabrics with the naked eye and a expensive lab analysis is required to find this out. GOTS (Global organic textile standards) is one such certification that can help you know that the manufacturer actually has the ability and the know-how to work with organic fabrics.

  2. Higher Markups and MOQs with regular suppliers : Most manufacturing companies have to go out of their ways to accept an order for organic fabric. This means that you might have to buy larger quantities or at higher markups than what you're used to. To tackle this you could use manufacturers such as Red Roses International, which cater to multiple clients dealing in organic fabrics and hence can divide the fabric between multiple clients to bring your costs and MOQ down.

  3. Longer Lead Times : Most mills would have to go out of their way to manufacture organic fabrics, ranging from sourcing organic raw materials to scarcity of organic raw cotton. This leads to an issue up the supply chain where stores need plan farther ahead to place orders for organic garments than for regular garments.

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