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Water brush effect Napkin print

Water brush print napkin

This was one of the first designs we printed in house after setting up a digital printing unit in- house.

Made from 100% Cotton Slub, the napkin has simple folded edges. The napkin was designed and sold in the US by Anthropologie. 

The print was designed to give a brushstroke effect to the napkin. Since the effect was the main design element was supposed to be the center of attraction, a simple edge was chosen. To compliment the design's aesthetics, we decided to go forward with reactive digital printing. 

The lead time for the piece was 80 days, but having in-house printing, we could expedite the process and were ready to ship within 45 days from order being placed ( 15 days from fabric being in-house)

Red Roses international supplied these napkins to the buyer after a thorough three point inspection from a buyer nominated buying house.

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