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Rounded corner Linen Napkin

Rounded corner Kitchen Napkin made out of Linen
Multiple packed sets of napkins in various colors made of linen
A set of Lemon colored Kitchen Napkin with rounded corners made out of linen

Shipped in November of 2022, a range of Rounded corned Table napkins were manufactured by Red Roses International, a private label manufacturer for table linen, for Side Serve, An Australian company placing their first order from India. 

The range was sold online and was available for on-hire in Australia and other locations.

The Table napkins were made from 180GSM French Linen. The range included the following colors: 

  • MAIN: Lucent White TRIM: Jet Black

  • MAIN: Pink Tulle TRIM: Hibiscus 

  • MAIN: Sheer Lilac TRIM: Lavender

  • MAIN: Lemon verbena TRIM: Lucent White

  • MAIN: Pale Marigold TRIM: Afterglow

  • MAIN: Peyote TRIM: Lucent white

  • MAIN: Jet Black TRIM: Peyote

The final packaging can be seen on the left, packaging is customizable with us according to the buyer's requirements.

All colors mentioned are in order from left to right in the images(top to bottom in the text)

The buyer also ordered corresponding colored Table Cloths to create an entire set.

The buyer had requested special folding and packaging which was provided by Red Roses International. The ability to provide custom packaging makes Red Roses International a prefered private label partner for multiple companies

Contact to get your sampling done 

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