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Rotary screen print napkins 

Anthropologie napkin  100% cotton slub with hedgehog print.png

Designed in America, and manufactured by Red Roses International. This is a custom rotary print napkin.

Made in 100% Cotton Slub, the napkin has simple folded edges.

We could have used a couple of techniques for making theses napkins such as digital printing, panel screen printing and rotary printing. Since this was a large order we decided to go for Rotary printing to reduce costs.

The MOQ for napkins to be made in rotary screen printing approximately 2500 units per color on the print. We had helped the buyer create a range of dishtowel and aprons in the same print to bring this MOQ down drastically.

We, Red Roses International, took care of the labelling, packaging and shipping till FOB Delhi port.

Anthropologie, the client for whom the napkin was made, has relied on Red Roses International to be their private label manufacturer for the last two decades.

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