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Green Leaf Reactive screen print Napkin

Green leaf Reactive screen printed kitchen napkin with wavy edges napkin

 Made for the Summer Spring 22 Season for a US client. These napkins were designed in the US and manufactured by Red Roses International.

These printed napkins were made out of fine 100% cotton fabric and reactive screen printing was used as the printing technique to ensure longevity of print. Further, the client wanted the print to permeate the fabric and be the print be visible on either sides.

At last a fine layer was embroidered to the edge and the fabric cut to give it the wavy edge pattern the buyer wanted. 

The print of this kitchen napkin also is used as a border for the napkin. Giving it a very clean and finished look.

Being a smaller sized client, we worked hard with the client to lower the MOQ to only 300 sets per print/design. This also happened to be the first season the client had included a custom designer home range on their site.

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