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Engineered print Napkin with Tassels

Anthropologie napkin with tassels cotton slub engineered digital print.png

This item was designed by Anthropologie in the US. Being one of their largest Kitchen Linen Manufacturer in India we were given this engineered print napkin to manufacture. Engineered designs like these are typically ordered by our clients in the US and Canada in fabrics such as cotton and French linen.

Making these prints is a challenge, as you have to account for various factors before the fabric is given for printing. As the design needs to be printed with space between prints to give stitching and cutting margins. But being too lax with the margins would increase the price. Shrinkage also needs to be checked to the precise Millimeter for us to know if our final product will be within the strict tolerance that we set for ourselves.

Another challenge is that pieces need to be cut individually, for which we developed a proprietary method to cut pieces to drastically drop our production costs and provide the most competitive pricing to our buyers. These methods are the reason Red Roses International has become India's largest manufacturer and exporter of Kitchen Linen.

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