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Engineered print Napkin with Frayed edges

Anthropologie napkin in engineered print with frayed edges and engineered digital

This Napkin was designed by Anthropologie in the US and Manufactured by Red Roses International , One of the most renowned Kitchen Napkin and Kitchen Linen exporters from India.

Like all engineered prints this was a challenge  as we have to account for various factors such as

  • Shrinkage of fabric after cut and wash

  • Dimensional stability of fabric

  • Individual cutting of pieces

To tackle these challenges we have developed multiple techniques and machines unique to us. And It is the result of our continuous efforts that has made Red Roses International has become India's largest manufacturer and exporter of Kitchen Linen.

The frayed edges give the napkin a unique look that accentuates the aesthetic the print is trying to achieve. Australia and the UK are also large markets for Engineered print napkins and Red Roses International manufacturers for multiple clients in these countries as well.

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