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Embroidered mitered edge napkin

Green border embroidery on napkin with mitered edge

Made for a US based client looking for a more reliable table and kitchen linen manufacturer. They through their buying agency approached Red Roses International.

With in-house digital embroidery available, Red Roses International sampled their requirements within 7 days and shipped the initial samples

After slight changes to the design, such as moving in the embroidery a bit more inwards, and thinning out the mitered edge so that the stitch fell outside of the embroidery,, another samples was created and shipped to the US. 

The entire process from the initial sampling request being received by us to the final shipment being handed over to the forwarder took only 90 days.

Our timely dispatch, and quick sampling has ensured Red Roses International to be a the preferred white label manufacturer for home and kitchen linen for top brands that prioritize quality and timely delivery.

Contact to get your sampling done 

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