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Dual patchwork scalloped edge Table Napkin

Double embroidered edge napkin

Made for RHODE USA, these napkins were part of the home collection Rhode had gotten made through their buying/sourcing agency.

Red Roses International was contacted by the said agency to manufacture the collection as quality was a huge concern for the client.

This was one of the cases where Red Roses International's reputation as a quality manufacturer and exporter of home and kitchen linen had the client come to us through a reference.

The challenging issue with the this embroidery was trying to match the waves of the embroidery, while maintaining the length of each wave. As the constraints were that the edges must form a peak and that the inner embroidery edges should line up.  This being an impossibility, as the inner wave of the embroidery is a smaller length, we had to come up with slight changes in the design to have the edges settle perfectly. The samples were sent to the buyer for approval and then the production commenced.

The US client, being a leading sustainable brand wanted bio-degradable packaging, which was arranged by Red Roses International.

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