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Yarn Dyed Apron

White and Yellow designer apron with frills

A classic apron style with a twist! This yarn dyed apron was designed by Anthropologie and given an interesting design twist. The piping running all through the body of the apron twists to make a ribbon bow. There is also another layer of poplin fabric used to create a shirring effect on the edge giving more texture to the apron.

Manufactured in India, this style was made exclusively by Red Roses International for Anthropologie.

The two pockets on the edge were cut diagonally to break the straight lines dominating the design too much.

The MOQ for custom yarn dyed Aprons and other textiles is relatively higher due to the higher MOQs involved in ordering fabric. Clients are advised to go for collections in yarn dyed fabric to help them consume the entire fabric.

Yarn dyed fabric also retains colors much better than other printing techniques over the years and is much more cheaper per piece to manufacture.

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