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Three tiered Apron with pockets

White and Yellow designer apron with frills

This three tiered apron with pockets was exported to the United States by Red Roses International. This design was manufactured exclusively for Anthropologie.

​This apron has two pockets and a three tiered fall that makes it look like a dress. The torso region of the dress uses stripes running in multiple directions sewn together to create the look. The stripes were printed once horizontally and then the fabric was washed prior to cutting of the fabric. Since the fabric would've been sewed where pieces were cut straight and at an angle needed to be sewn to each other. Washing prior to cutting removed any uneven shrinkage that could've been caused causing wrinkling along the seams.

​Red Roses International has been manufacturing in India for the last two decades and has supplied to over 100 clients in the last two decades since we started contract manufacturing. Our top markets are USA, Canada, Europe and Australia

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