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Dye Cut flower Apron

White and Yellow designer apron with frills

Designed in the US, manufactured by Red Roses International in India. This apron is made out of Poplin fabric and contains a basic embellishment on the torso region and beautifully varied size dye-cut flowers.

​Red Roses International went on to make over 300,000 units of this design only as this went on to be one-of the best selling designs ever for Anthropologie. 

​This Apron uses plain dyed fabric and had a frill on the bottom to complement the overall design of the apron. It also has a pocket on the side. 

​Fun fact : The dye-cut flowers were initially made out of production excess fabrics lying with Red Roses International. We had chosen the specific fabrics as we had over 500m of these in stock and thought there was no-way we would run out of these. But we had to eventually get over 10000m of fabric and have them specially printed like the previous lot just for the dye-cut flowers

​Contact to get sampling done 

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