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Dual print apron with two pockets

White and Yellow designer apron with frills

Designed in the USA and manufactured in India by Red Roses International. This apron was made using two different prints

Both prints use the same colors to appear as part of one item. We had utilized screen printing to ensure that the colors matched exactly. We had to avoid any printing methods that had small batch variations in their colors. The MOQ for printing using the screen printing technique is approximately 500m of fabric per color in the print. And only a maximum of 5-6 colors could be used in this printing technique.

Another service that our team offers to our clients is that we evaluate the print the client wants and let them know which printing method would be the best fit given their needs. And if any changes would be required in the print to fit their specific needs of price point and/or minimum order quantities.

To get your custom aprons made by us contact

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