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Custom-made cotton apron

White and Yellow designer apron with frills

Made out of 100% Cotton Casement fabric. This apron was designed in the US and manufactured in India.

​Everything from the length of the neck strap, length of the apron and pockets can be customized according to the customer requirement. This particular apron style was made exclusively for using rotary print technique.

​A single centered pocket has been sewn onto the apron. The pocket is large enough to store anything you would like.

​The pocket stitch has been reinforced to provide extra strength to avoid any tears.

​We have been manufacturing custom aprons for our clients since 2002, with MOQs starting from 300 units for aprons with similar styles and prices for Aprons ranging from $0.99 to $9.99 we can supply any quality you would like with your specified embellishments.

​Contact to get sampling done

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