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Anthropologie Abstract print apron

White and Yellow designer apron with frills

This apron designed by Anthropologie and manufactured in India by Red Roses International has a unique dress like shape with an enlarged belt attachment and trims in the torso part of the apron. The apron is designed to fall like a beautiful summer dress.

The apron is printed with a dark blue base through hot discharge printing technique. Like all merchandise manufactured by us, this too uses Azo-free colors without any phthalates. We provide our clients with 3rd party lab reports certifying the same.

As you might know a dark blue base is specially challenging print when it comes to garments. However, Red Roses International has developed a name in the field with most of our new clients deciding to start with harder prints to test out our mettle.

This apron was made in 100% Cotton fabric with a sample lead time of 35days and production lead time of 90 days.

​Contact to get sampling done 

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