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Abstract digital print napkin

Cotton slub anthropologie napkin with abstract digital print.png

Printed via a reactive digital print on cotton slub with in-house digital printing machine. Red Roses International, manufactured and exported this high end table napkin to America.

Printed on Cotton slub, this 50x 50 napkin was made in combination matching dishtowel, oven mitts, potholders and aprons. The napkin and the dishtowel were treated to make them extra absorbent to quickly soak up any spills. 

MOQ per print is 200sets of 4 and a total of 5 prints or items per order ( a total fabric consumption of 1000meters). We have the lowest MOQ per style to our strategic vertical integration with in-house digital printing and in-house digital embroidery.

We have a internal 2 step QC check that checks every individual piece as they are manufactured and we also allow buyers to conduct a 3 point inspection. We have confidence in our products and so do our buyers such as Anthropologie and Crate and barrel as Red Roses International, is a supplier of Anthropologie in India.

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