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Absorbent lightweight Kitchen Napkin

Anthropologie Kitchen napkin made from lightweight cotton digitally printed

This light weight napkin is made out of 100% cotton slub.

Though made in a light weight fabric, this
super soft napkin is specially treated to be very absorbent. The process used in this treatment keeps the napkin safe for use for the consumer. The absorbency is not even lost over a period of wash cycles.

We've used a engineered printing for the napkin and made sure that the kitchen napkin falls into a square shape in spite of the low weight of the fabric.

This particular napkin was manufactured by Red Roses International, a premium private label manufacturer based out of India for Anthropologie. Anthropologie sold this napkin on it's site and across US in its retail stores.

The MOQ for napkins such as these is very low with us, Red Roses International, due to in-house digital fabric printing machines

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