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Blue and Green leaves Chef apron

White and Yellow designer apron with frills

This twist to the classic apron design is longer and goes best with Cotton Casement fabric. The casement gives the apron more wight and the rigidity of the fabric gives it a clean straight fall.

The apron uses a button that secures onto the tie extending from one side to wrap around the wearer's neck and two ties at the back to secure around the back of the wearer.

This particular design also has a pocket on side of the apron made from the same fabric and a beautiful blue wavy trim on the pocket top.

Supplied to our client in the US, more than 20,000 units of the same apron were made in total for the buyer.

The MOQ, however, of a design such as this would be 1,000 units and could be brought even lower to 200 units if we changes the printing technique.

If you have any prints you would like to get made into Aprons or any other garment/item. Get is touch with us as

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